What is the COBIT.

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COBIT(Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) is a leading framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. Created by the non-profit ISACA, COBIT was built by experts to suit the requirements of both business executives and IT professionals. It combines enterprise governance and management techniques, providing principles, practices, models and analytical tools to help users consistently increase the value of, and trust in, their IT systems.

The COBIT business orientation includes linking business goals with its IT infrastructure by providing various maturity models and metrics that measure the achievement while identifying associated business responsibilities of IT processes. The main focus of COBIT 4.1 was illustrated with a process-based model subdivided into four specific domains, including:

  • Planning & Organization
  • Delivering and Support
  • Acquiring & Implementation
  • Monitoring & Evaluating

All of this is further understood under 34 processes as per the specific line of responsibilities. COBIT has a high position in business frameworks and has been recognized under various international standards, including ITIL, CMMI, COSO, PRINCE2, TOGAF, PMBOK, TOGAF, and ISO 27000. COBIT acts as a guideline integrator—merging all solutions under one umbrella.


  • Framework IT helps in organizing the objectives of IT governance and bringing in the best practices in IT processes and domains while linking business requirements.
  • Process Descriptions It is a reference model and also acts as a common language for every individual in the organization. The process descriptions include planning, building, running, and monitoring of all IT processes.
  • Control Objectives This provides a complete list of requirements that have been considered by the management for effective IT business control.
  • Maturity Models Accesses the maturity and the capability of every process while addressing the gaps.
  • Management Guidelines Helps in better-assigning responsibilities, measuring performances, agreeing on common objectives, and illustrating better interrelationships with every other process.


A COBIT Certification not only prepares professionals for the global challenges to the business IT process but also delivers a substantial amount of expertise information on:

  • IT management issues and how they can affect organizations
  • Principles of IT governance and enterprise IT while establishing the differences between management and governance
  • Accessing the ways in which COBIT 5.0 processes can help the establishment of the five basic principles along with other enablers
  • Discussing COBIT 5.0 with respect to its process reference model and goal cascade


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